रांची में आर्मी के कब्जेवाली जमीन को जालसाजी कर बेचा, कार्रवाई की मांग करने वाला ही निकला फर्जी

Jharkhand News, Ranchi Crime News Ranchi: 4.44 acres of land occupied by the Army on Bariatu Road was sold fraudulently. Surprisingly, Pradeep Bagchi, who demanded the investigation of this land, turned out to be a fraud. He had requested the government to investigate, alleging the sale and purchase of land owned by the army on the basis of forged documents. After this the government got the whole matter investigated.

Investigation revealed that Bagchi is a fraud. In order to get the holding number of the land occupied by the army in his name, he changed the address to Rameshwaram Bariatu using technology in the consumer number of Jifullah Wald Habibullah. Along with this, this land occupied by the army was sold in the name of Jagat Bandhu Tea State.

Open truth in the investigation report:

Deputy Director Kalyan (South Chotanagpur) has submitted its report to the government after investigating the allegations of sale and purchase of land occupied by the army. It has been said in the report that the name of Pramod Nath Das Gupta is registered in Morhabadi police station number 192, ward number 21, MS plot number 557 (area 4.44 acres), Khatian.

After the death of Khatiani raiyat, this land was given to Malti Karnad Rao under the provisions of the Hindu Succession Act. After his death, his son Jayant Karnad Rao was the heir to this land. This land is in the possession of the army since 1943. The rent was paid by the army to the heirs of the Khatiani owner of the land at the rate of Rs 446 per annum till 1960.

Later the rent increased to Rs 3600 per annum. In 1970, there was a demand to increase the rent to Rs 12000 per annum. In the year 2007, a petition (WPC 1903/2007) was filed in the High Court to free the land from the army. During the hearing, the court ordered the payment of rent by 2008 in the first phase. After this, in the order passed on March 11, 2009, the court ordered to release the land in favor of Jayant Karnad.

The Army filed an appeal (LPA 205/2009) against this order in 2009. Thereafter filed IA 7440/2017 and CMP 282/2017. However, the decision remained in favor of Jayant Karnad. In the year 2019, Jayant Karnad sold this land occupied by the army to 13 people. Land buyers applied for mutation. However, the CO rejected the mutation application on the ground that the buyers did not get possession of the land.

Only the sale deed registered in Kolkata was considered suspicious:

अप्रैल 2021 में इरबा निवासी प्रदीप बागची ने डीसी को आवेदन देकर सेना के कब्जेवाली इस जमीन को अपना बताया और फर्जी दस्तावेज के सहारे इसकी खरीद-बिक्री का आरोप लगाते हुए जांच की मांग की. बागची ने यह दावा किया कि मोरहाबादी स्थित यह जमीन 1932 में खतियानी रैयत से सेल डीड के आधार पर खरीदी गयी थी. जमीन की रजिस्ट्री कोलकाता में हुई थी. बागची ने नगर निगम से सेना के कब्जेवाली इस जमीन का होल्डिंग नंबर भी ले लिया.

जांच अधिकारी ने बागची के दावों की जांच करने के बाद रिपोर्ट में लिखा कि कोलकाता रजिस्ट्री कार्यालय में मौजूद सेल डीड में बागची द्वारा जमीन खरीदे जाने का उल्लेख है. नगर निगम से जुड़े दस्तावेज की जांच के दौरान पाया गया कि बागची ने होल्डिग नंबर लेने के लिए 2021 में आॅनलाइन आवेदन दिया. इसमें बिजली का कंज्यूमर नंबर 3389, आइडी नंबर 436915 बताया गया.

In its investigation, it was found that this consumer number belongs to Jifulla, a resident of Badgai. But using technology to get the holding number in the name of Bagchi, the name and address were entered in it to Rameshwar Bariatu. In view of this fraud by Bagchi to get the holding number, the investigating officer has termed the sale deed registered in Kolkata as suspicious. It was also found in the investigation that after getting the holding number, Bagchi sold this land occupied by the army to Dilip Kumar Ghosh, director of Jagat Bandhu Tea State in October 2021.

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