Flex Fuel engine : After TVS, Honda will also launch Flex Fuel powered bike

New Delhi: Honda India (HMSI) may soon launch a new Flex Fuel engine motorcycle in India. Honda is the second largest two wheeler manufacturer in the country and it is a matter of great pleasure to have such an announcement from its side.

The company has already started selling flax fueled motorcycles in the Brazilian market and now the company wants to launch such bikes in India as well. The company will soon launch many bikes and scooters in India, which will be given Flex fuel engines.

Flex fueled engines can be run on both petrol and ethanol. Such bikes and scooters give more mileage than petrol bikes. Also, petrol containing ethanol is much cheaper than the price of normal petrol.

TVS already launched bikes:

TVS India has already launched flex fuel bikes. If Honda launches Ace Two Wheeler, it will become the second company in the country. TVS Motors has already launched the Apache RTR 200 Fi E100 with flex fuel engine.

Honda had announced a few months back that it would soon launch several of its electric two wheelers in India. To make this plan a reality, the company is taking help from many other brands and after large-scale testing, it can be launched very soon.

Flex fuel bikes sold by Koment since 2009:

Honda was the first company in the world market to launch a flax fueled motorcycle. The Honda CG 150 Titan Mix was the first bike in the world to run on flex fuel. It was launched by the company in 2009. After this Honda introduced Flex Fuel in the Brazilian market.

The running NXR 150 Bose Mix (Honda CG 150 Brose Mix) and Biz 125 Flux have also been launched. Recently, there is talk of the Government of India launching such bikes from all the companies and it is very much appreciated by Honda.

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